A carpet in the modern interior

Previously, a carpet can be seen almost in every home, but gradually this element of decor became a forgotten and less popular. But now the carpets are back in fashion and this is one of the best opportunities to radically change the interior by adding to it a texture and color.

Carpet (1)

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Carpets are used as:

– Supplement and decoration of an interior. Luxury carpet will make the design of a home more original and complete. It is possible to use a large carpet, which is have combination with other things by style and tone, and place on it all or the major furniture;

Carpet (3)

– The creating of a bright accent. If a carpet is different in color and texture from the other items of an interior and decoration materials, it can be a real highlight of a room. A small bright carpet of unusual shape is located in the center of a room, on a free place. Furniture can be arranged around it, but not on it. Also, the carpet can be hung on the wall; but it must to cover a wall completely, or design will look absurd and ridiculous;

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– Warmth and comfort. Soft and delicate texture of a carpet makes a floor warmer and room cozier. This is especially true for styles as high-tech or modern;

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– Definition of areas. Establishment of areas by color or texture is very popular way. For example, with help of a carpet can be designated a rest area or guest reception area. For making a special zone it is good to use a carpet of not too bright contrasting color, which is different from the main home interior by texture and color. On it put the things according to subject of the zone;

Carpet (6)

– Connecting or combining several different styles. Yes, the carpet can become a kind of bridge between styles;

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Carpets come in different sizes: large, medium, small. Carpets may have different pile length and unusual texture. The color of a carpet is also very important. Carpets of unusual shapes look bright and beautiful, but only in a modern design.

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Specialists recommend for modern interior such design solutions:

  • The carpet with extremely high pile. The length of the pile can be up to several centimeters. But this carpet needs careful and constant care;
  • The carpets with carved patterns. They look very bright and original, but not very functional.
  • The carpets of pastel shades: peach, beige, sand;
  • The carpets of bright colors. Particularly relevant carpets of green, orange, purple, red, blue, yellow and others colors;
  • The carpets with colorful prints: geometric, animalistic, ethnic, abstract;
  • The carpets of unusual shape.

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