An interior in the country style

The country-style appeared in the rural areas of England in the 19th century. This style is a classic of a village house; it is well-appointed, cozy, natural and simple. The principle of country-style in the interior does`t allow to use any modern technological and materials. Here we need only natural and environmentally friendly materials. Inappropriate in country style are glass, chrome and plastic surfaces.


The floors in the country-style cover with wooden floorboards, natural stone or clay tile of simple design. On the floor put carpet, patchwork rug or mat made of natural materials.

The walls in the country-style are light, plain or with prints – stripes, in a cell or a discreet floral pattern. Also, the walls decorate with wallpaper, decorative stone, plaster and wood paneling. Plastered walls combined with masonry. The decorations of the walls are borders and decorative wood panels. On the walls could be pictures of nature, family photos, books shelves.


The ceilings in the country- style also are light, often white; their highlight is the wooden beams.
The color scheme in the country-style is natural colors and shades; light and warm. These are colors like white, green, blue, gold, yellow, pink, color of wood, earth and stone.

The furniture in the country-style made of wood; it is simple, crude workmanship, but very comfortable; sometimes for it make with forged elements. In the country style often use wicker furniture: chests of drawers, cupboards, table and chairs in the kitchen, shelves, chests, wicker chairs, rocking chairs, comfortable low sofas.
The most important element in the country – style is a fireplace. It can be real or decorative.


An interesting point in the interior in the country- style is lighting. There is no bright overhead light. For the lighting are used floor lamps or table lamps. If there is a chandelier on the ceiling, it has a lampshade, for the light from it has been muted. As decoration use kerosene lamps or the lamps with forged elements.
There are a lot of textiles in the interior in country-style: the drapes on the windows with floral, checkered, or striped prints; upholstered chairs, stools and benches with textile seats; many things of handmade – tablecloths, napkins, towels, blankets, cushions. All these things decorate with lace or embroidery on village theme.


The country-style is also evident in utensils: the cast-iron utensils for cooking and ceramic plates with pictures for eating. And of course, lots of bouquets of flowers and herbs. They can be living or dried. And also pots of flowers on the windowsills and shelves.
The nuances of country style depends on its type, its can be: English Country, French Country (Provence), American-country, country in Swiss,  Italian country, German and others.


In any case, the simple country- style is natural and unobtrusive. This style has a village charm and traditions of the peoples in the arrangement of their homes.