An interior in the Thai-style

The interior decorated in the Thai style is considered an exotic, but this interior is popular even among the true connoisseurs of art design. The main feature of the Thai interior is originality of each element and extreme simplicity. A room, apartment or house decorated in the Thai style, not so many times ago considered a rarity and only few were ready to use it an interior. However, in last year’s the popularity of Thai style has grown, now it attracts many people around the world with the eccentricity.



Thai style can be in two versions:

  • In the Thai interior are absence sharp ledges and corners, because people subconsciously perceive them negatively. The room must not be a barrier like massive chests of drawers, cabinets and couches. The Thai style always must give the feeling of open space and complete freedom.
  • For the room design use big furniture. In the interior like this, there are varnished teak beds, wooden spacious cabinets, tea tables with pearl surface, bright screens and sofas of unusual shapes.



All accessories (vases, figurines) need put in cabinets with glass doors, it making the interior finished. One of the main places in the Thai interior takes the special items-symbols. Thais use them for the creation in the home atmosphere the filling of calmness, cozy; they must bring to family happiness, good luck and wealth. An obligatory element of the Thai decor is the altar, on which stands the statue of Buddha. Near the altar must always be odorous gums.


The interior of a Thai Home cannot exist without special textiles. Drapes decorate with hand-painted. Much attention is paid to making cushions with bright pillowcases.