Aquarium at home interior

An aquarium in a home it is at the same time part of the wildlife and the bright part of an interior. Modern aquariums and design solutions for their integration into an interior of the astonishingly varied.

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Aquarium possible to put in the living room into a wall or at the part of a wall; Aquarium often used as partitions to define zones in large areas; from the aquarium can make extraordinary design of the table or raised counter top;  now, very interesting design solution is to make  at one interior several aquariums, interconnected by tunnels. A variety of aquariums allow putting them in different parts of a home.

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At the place of location aquariums are classified at floored, recessed, suspended, and panoramic. At the water mixture aquariums are divided at freshwater, brackish, marine, fish, reef. By the shape of aquariums are framed, seamless (laminated), round (spherical). The aquarium must be special equipment: heater, thermometer, filter, pump, and lighting.

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In the home aquariums can live several species of fish and exotic pets, which never familiar with each other in the wild nature. That is why it is so important to choose the inhabitants of the aquarium so that they do not threaten each other. Also need to consider not only the compatibility of fishes, but they need to square and the aquatic environment.

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Today, for the decoration of aquariums are using many different natural materials. The combination of volcanic tuff, sea sand, pebbles, coral chips, natural corals, shells and live plants gives an opportunity to create an individual and unique aquarium in the interior of a home.

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