Backyard Swimming Pool

Each of us has a different imagination about simplicity and luxury. For some, the private pool is a luxury, but for someone is ordinariness. But, many are dreaming at least of a small pool, which could take a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. It is not so difficult to make at yours backyard pool. A pool is making a backyard absolutely new place for comfort relaxation and get-togethers with friends. All that you need for the pool in the backyard – this is a good project and a small piece of land.  A pool will give to you not only a sense of comfort and luxury, but the health for you and your family. You will quickly appreciate all the positive aspects of this small miracle, which decisively change your usual way of life for the better.

Backyard Swimming Pool (1)

You can start with a small project size 2,75×5,5 m. Even if the pool size is not allows you to make big swim, design of your backyard will be in win, as all the architectural ensemble of your house.

It is possible to build a small pool in the form of an extension to the house with a platform that will serve as a transition zone between the pool and the house.

Backyard Swimming Pool (2)

If you do not like the traditional rectangular pool, do not worry, designers offer many alternative and interesting solutions to make a pool. Now pools of unusual curved shapes are very popular. A pool without straight lines, in combination with natural stone, creates at yours backyard a magical atmosphere like at an exotic holiday resort!

Backyard Swimming Pool (3)

The exotic design of pool with good illumination is doing a miracle, even if a pool is not large.

Making the pool in the backyard don`t worry about the size of it, much more important how it would blend with the design of your house. A well-designed the platform of a pool it can be transformed into: open-air dining zone; in barbecue; and even in the heated indoor pool.

In any case, a swimming pool in the backyard will be the favorite place of rest for you and your family, regardless of its shape and size.

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