Bedroom in Moroccan style

Moroccan style in the design of a bedroom is a real favorite among the other interior solutions. Moroccan style combines regular geometric shapes, fanciful colors of walls and floors,    printed flowers on fabric; all this makes the bedroom a truly luxurious. This decor combines the ideas and traditions of Far East, South Spain and North Africa!

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Saturated colors – this is the main “ingredient” of Moroccan decor. True Moroccan colors have been borrowed from nature; in this style there is bright yellow tone turmeric, flashy orange color of saffron, bright red shades of paprika. But also relevant are the quieter tones: deep purple, luxurious cobalt blue, elegant emerald green.

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In a bedroom in Moroccan style a lot of attention is paid to the ceiling. The ceiling can`t be of white color. It must be the same color as the walls or on their lighter shade. It is possible to use a contrasting color, but shades must not contradict each other.

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Stucco elements such as window frames, doors edging, moldings under a ceiling in bedrooms and other elements also must be colored. Colors of  moldings can be contrasting or perfect balance with each other.

Drapes must be done of a very light and transparent fabric, but to be of bright colors. For example, blue drapes ( it is the base color in Moroccan decor), but a fabric must to transmit light well.

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Blankets, sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads – all this must be the same color as the walls and ceiling! In the design of the bedroom it is necessary to use only bright, vibrant colors that make a great contrast with the dark shades of the furniture. The fabric also must be in the Moroccan style – silk, linen, wool, soft velvet. Enhance the impression from the bedroom helps luxurious Persian rug in rich purple and orange tones. Also on a floor it is possible to add silk cushions of blue color.

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For making of furniture in Moroccan style used style metal parts. Furniture decorated by hexagonal patterns. Some parts of furniture must be painted in muted, “earthy” tones (such as colors of sand or cinnamon).

A special atmosphere in a Moroccan bedroom creates lighting. There is no need to use large bedroom lamp. Moroccan lanterns or candles are the best suited for the bedroom.

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So, we have the main features of Moroccan style in the bedroom:

  • Subtle color tiles;
  • Elegant stucco;
  • Delicately painted walls;
  • Painted picture;
  • Furniture with carved ornament.