Clocks in interiors

Clocks in interiors of our homes are more than three centuries and they are not going to give up, to retrain at a trendy and stylish decor elements. They are a real find for lovers of memorable and fun-filled interior! For centuries, watchmakers have come up for us a lot of small and big clocks. Now clocks are replaced by mobile phones and kitchen timers. Clocks turned into a stylish decoration and interior elements, such as clock-window or clock-paintings. That`s why very important, to clocks match to a style and color of the room.

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There are several kinds of interior clocks:

  • Grandfather Clocks – these clocks are huge, solid, command respect. Often, these models (with little plummets and pendulum) are used in classical interiors. However, there are modern types of clock, such as in high-tech style;
  • Fireplace clocks – this decoration not only for fireplace, but for whole living room. They are characterized by smooth curved shapes; by body of bronze, porcelain or wood; by openwork hands of a clock; sometimes clocks decorated with enamel inlay, golden fretwork or figured carving.
  • Wall Clocks. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and material. Of course their place at the wall;
  • Table clocks. These clocks are used in home offices, on a desk of teenager, or bedside table in bedrooms. These clocks are very different: from the lacquered wooden instrument panels with a barometer and hygrometer to cutting-edge alarm clock with radio and LCD display.

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To make the right choose of interior clocks need to know the following rules:

  • Big clocks need a lot of place and a large room;
  • Clocks is one of the elements of an interior, and therefore they must be in harmony with other accessories and furniture;
  • For different rooms is better to choose different kinds of clocks. In a spacious living room are good to put grandfather clocks or fireplace clocks, but for a small living room – wall clocks. For bedroom use electronic alarm clocks or wall clocks with dim digital display. In a child’s room better to install a big and bright wall clock with the heroes of favorite cartoons or in the form of animals, but they must be with a full clock face. For teenager better to buy modern clock with LCD display, radio and mp3-player. In a home office can be a grandfather clock, table clock, and clock of original forms: in the form of books or commode. For kitchens and bathrooms is better to choose a clock from a waterproof glass or with a plastic body. In the dining room often hang clocks with the image of cakes, fruits, spoons, forks, coffee, etc.

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