Cushions in the interior

Cushions are an indispensable element of modern interior. They are a wonderful decoration of a bedroom, living room, children’s room, and even a kitchen. Cushions are used not just for couches and armchairs, but also for other furniture. A cushion as an independent element can use also as furniture.

Cushions (1)

Cushions (1)

One of the most popular types of cushions – it`s “small pillow”. This type of cushions include classic pillow of square or rectangular shape. «Small pillow «- is a small-sized cushion, with edges 20-40 centimeters.

Also very popular is roll-cushion. This kind of cushion creates a simulation of an armrest and headrest of a bed. But usually these types of cushions are used in combination with small pillows.

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It is not often in interiors use cushions of circular shape. Sometimes they called “Turkish cushions“.

For making pillowcases for cushions use different fabrics: furniture textiles, denim, natural or decorative fur, lace, leather.

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Cushions in interior are using for:

  •  The making of a coziness and comfort in the room;
  •  Support styles. Cushions are particularly relevant in the Indian, Egyptian and Moroccan styles. To add to an interior the spirit of the east it is possible to use cushions of circular shape or small pillows with oriental patterns and fringe. Roll-cushion and small pillows of velvet and tapestry fabrics with tassels and fringe emphasize the luxury styles in interiors, for example like – Classicism or Empire;
  • Accents in the room; Cushions are very versatile as an accent spots: they are not expensive and do not take up much space. They can always be replaced to change the colors accent in a home.  But not necessary to change all cushions, enough just to “put” them into new pillowcases;
  • Connection of different interior elements; Cushions are used for connection of furniture of different colors at single composition.

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