Design of a hallway

Design of a hallway (1)

Most often, homeowners do not attach importance to the design and interior of a hallway. But the hallway is the card of any home. This room, which every morning “escorted” us to a new day, and “meets” us in the evening. This room, which the first that can see any guest of a home. When making the hallway design, follow these tips:

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– he floor in a hallway makes from durable, wear-resistant materials, which  well to  respond at shoes with mud, heavy bags, falling of skateboards and rollers, walking in high heels and a constant traffic. The flooring must be easy for cleaning, because it is often subjected to wet cleaning, and possibly with the use of cleaning agents. The best option for the decoration of the floor in the hallway is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles protects the surface from moisture, dirt and mechanical effects; ceramic tiles can be cleaned with chemicals, it doesn’t burn, not crack and is serve very long time.

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– For walls design in a hallway is important to choose non-marking finishing material, which could be cleaned easy; criteria of the choosing of washable materials are reinforced for homes with small children and pets. Do not glue the wallpaper on the walls of the hallway, because they are difficult to clean.

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– The ceiling in a hallway can be anything – suspended construction, the French ceilings, painting.

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– In a hallway must be storage system, in which is placed garment, shoes, bags, umbrellas, accessories for walking pets and others. As a rule, the storage system for hallways presented by combined ensembles of furniture with open shelves, racks and wardrobe. In a hallway, often set small stools or mini-chairs. In a hallway, often set small stools or mini-chairs. Such furniture as a small chest of drawers, tables, stands, shelfs make interior of a hallway unique. A very important part of the interior of a hallway is a large mirror. All of these design elements would not be an obstacle for the movement of the home residents.

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Hallways and corridors are usually haven`t of natural light, because windows there are absent. That`s why, places and the number of light fixtures in the hallway depend on the shape and size of this rooms, and also it all depends of the number of doorways and the color palette.

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