Door handles in an interior

In the modern interior, door and door fittings are important elements of design, and not just a way to fill an aperture of a door; and not have the function only to open or close a passage. Thinking through the design of any room it is important to pay attention to the smallest details, even such as door handles. All perception of home interior built on such details as door handles. Besides door handles install for a long term, it is means that they must be carefully choosing and be of high quality. Interesting door handles give stylistic completeness to the aperture of a door and provides a beautiful look of doors. Therefore, the choice of door furniture is not less important than the choice of door design.



Door handles are classified as follows:

– By the process of installing the door handles are mortise and overhead;

– By the place of use of door handles divided into inside (for interior doors) and outside (for enter door);

– Depending on the material, the door handles are: wood, metal (stainless steel, brass, bronze, nickel); polymer (polyamide, plastic, etc.); glass (safety glass);

– By the mechanism of opening and the type of use, door handles can be: rotary, push or stationary;

– Depending on the lock, the door handle can be locking or locking-fixing;

–  By the type of construction door handles can be: with dividing plates and with solid plates.



Accessories for doors have different variety of styles, shapes and designs.  Designers recommend to take into account only the overall concept of style – the handle must be in harmony with the interior, and not to repeat the door design.