Drapes in the interior

The drapes create an atmosphere in the interior of any room. That`s why, choosing the drapes, pay attention to their color, texture and style.

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Stylistically solutions of making drapes are a lot, but the most popular of them are:

  • French drapes – their usually make from silk with numerous longitudinal drawstring with cords, for contraction of drapes to collect them in a beautiful undulating folds; they look great in a baroque interior. Such kinds of drapes often use to decorate a bedroom more.
  • Japanese drapes – look like a screen, made from panels with upholstered, which can move together with help of a rope mechanism.
  • Roman blinds – it`s the fabric, that is going up and the folds overlap one at other. They often use in the kitchen interior.

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Of course, the choice of drapes depends from the room in which they will hang. For example, in the interior of a living room drapes are an active part of the decor. They can be heavy, velvet, of saturated colors as red, maroon, purple, and turquoise.

But, for a bedroom is better to choose drapes of calmer colors. Very good in the bedroom  look drapes of  blue color. Psychologists say that the blue color better than other colors helps to healthy sleep.

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Drapes of orange  color perfectly fit into the interior of a child’s room – because the orange color promotes active mental activity and gives a feeling of joy.

In the interior of the small room very harmoniously fit, drapes of green color, they give  to a room by freshness. In the interior of any of the rooms drapes of pink color look nice – they are visually expand the space, and fill it by gentleness and ease.

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Do not be afraid to use in the interior drapes of radical colors, such as black color. With the right combination of colors, drapes of this color give to the interior a strict elegance and luxury.

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