Dressing room

Modern women often think about the interesting design of a dressing room, and consider it an integral part of home design. Even small family has a lot of cloth and shoes; that`s why it is very important to properly organize its storage; it give opportunity  not spend a lot of time  at searching and preparation of clothes to go out.

Dressing room (1)

A dressing rooms– it’s not just wardrobes, it is also a small room, a separate area to changing clothes. A dressing room must be located in a bedroom, or close to it.  A dressing room must be 6 – 8 square meters, but not less than 4 meters. For the arrangement of a dressing room, it is possible to use part of a bedroom or storage room.

Dressing room (2)

For section and cabinets it is correct to take all area of the wall from floor to ceiling. The first zonal sorting of clothes are making by vertical. Shelves for shoes are at the lowest level not far from a floor. The middle level usually takes outerwear, located on the shelves, in boxes, on hangers and bars. Also on the middle level are placed clothes, which is used in this season. On the top shelf, under the ceiling, placed off-season clothing: warm sweaters in summer and light summer dresses winter time. For long-term storage of clothing is best to use closed-ventilated boxes, and put inside of them special funds from moths. It is possible also to use separate moving hangers for ties and belts. It is important to put in the dressing room a full-length mirror to have opportunity to look at yourself.

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For storage spaces rarely used a room with a window, so it’s important to make the correct lighting in a dressing room. The light should not be very bright and should not drop only to one point; as additional lighting, possible to use LED lights on all shelves.

Dressing room (4)

In a dressing room except shelves and boxes, you can also put other furniture that will complement the overall style. Most often used puffs of different shapes; they have wheels and are convenient to move.

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A dressing room must be the perfect balance with the overall design of the interior of a home. That is why it is very important to have a stylistic harmony of colors and textures of furniture for a dressing room.