Eco-style in an interior

Eco-style is a new trend in design that emerged in the end of twentieth century. The name of this style comes from the Greek word “eikos” (habitation, house), and from the word “ecology” – the science about the interaction of living and inanimate nature. “Eco” home creates a harmonious living environment for humans with help of each element of an interior. Great influence on the development of Eco-style had the Scandinavian and Japanese design schools, because these styles also tend to minimalism and naturalness. Eco-style fit to people who like and respect the nature. Any house, apartment or room made in this style will look unusual, original and practical. The style combines natural materials and modern technologies. Eco-style gives a lot of light and space; it categorically rejects a jumble of furniture and other interior items. Soft colors in the decoration gives the use of stone and wood, glass and paper, the stems of plants and cork, linen and cotton.

Eco-style (1)

Eco-style (2)

For the walls in the Eco-style use natural materials: stone, cork, wallpaper or unglazed ceramic tiles; walls can be clad by wood paneling and bamboo wallpaper. Very often for walls use ordinary stucco and some them parts decorate by wood, glass or textiles.

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The ceiling in the “eco” home must look natural. For finishing the ceiling use a simple whitewashing or matte stretch ceiling. For its decoration uses wooden slats or beams. Stretch ceilings allow using techniques of photo printing to create imitation of the starry sky or clouds.

Eco-style (4)For the floor use natural wood or cork carpeted of warm and light colors. Decorate the floor can be small carpet with a high and largest pile of natural colors or carpet in the form of a green lawn.

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Eco-style (6)Furniture in the eco home is not much, but it is well thought out and very practical. All furniture has simple shapes, without pretentious decor. However, the furniture has good-quality and  is very gracefully. Typical furniture of Eco-style is wooden beds, rattan sofas, wicker chairs, and bamboo tables with glass top. For the upholstery of couches and chairs uses leather or textile upholstery; on backs and armrests often make wooden inserts.

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Eco-style (8)Unlike from other areas in the design the main in Eco-style – it is minimalist. Therefore, in eco-style is not used a lot of accessories. For interior decoration it is better to use floor-standing clay vases, glass and wooden utensils, ikebana and bonsai.