Fireplace in an interior

Open fire is always fascinating. Many people like to watch, as dancing flames, they like to feel the warmth of a live fire. The fire, like cleanses our soul, and inside of it born very pleasant feelings – a sense of calm, peace and comfort. How nice to sit near the fireplace, listen to the crackling of wood, feel the warmth and comfort of home. Fire brings us closer to nature; it gives to breathe the life-giving power of fire; gives us by positively energy.

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A hundred years ago, fireplaces, have been the object of luxury and prestige. Today, fireplaces have become particularly popular. Such a design solution as a fireplace, looks very stylish, beautiful, original, and not pretentious.

To choose a fireplace, it is important to decide for what purpose it is needed: for heating or as an interior element. In any case, the fireplace must fit into the basic design of a home, because, as a rule, it is the dominant element of an interior, which is creating a certain atmosphere around itself. It is very important to choose the right place for the location of a fireplace. Materials that are used for the decoration of a fireplace, have to be in the perfect balance with walls, floor, or furniture. Mandatory rule for choosing a fireplace – this object of the interiors must be safe! It is also very important, which fuel will be use for a fireplace.

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Fireplaces are different, the most popular of them are:

  • Classic fireplace – suitable for any interior. Marble can be a different color: white, brown, emerald green colors. And it is possible to artificially age the stone, to close it to its natural form.
  • English fireplaces have a small furnace. They are elegant, clean look is perfect for a office or living room. Thanks to them, excess moisture removes from a home and inside of it there is warm.
  • Greek fireplaces are open from all sides. They look beautiful in an elegantly decorated room.
  • Fireplaces in the style of hi-tech make from modern refractory materials – glass, plastic, steel. The look and shape of the fireplace depends of the imagination of a designer.
  • Electric fireplaces. They create an imitation of a real fire and are the safest.

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At the location of a fireplace a cold draft would not to be. A wall, which is adjacent to a fireplace, must be made of fireproof materials. The floor under a fireplace must be strong, because a fireplace is very heavy.
Properly selected fireplace will bring a lot of positive emotions to its owner!

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