Garden gazebo

Many centuries garden gazebo is the most popular and functional decoration of garden decor. Under the roof of garden gazebo you may hide from the hot sun and little rain, to retire, to read a book or work, to drink something. And you can gather the family for dinner, or invite friends to a party in the open air. Any rest becomes more enjoyable, when there are beautiful views around: birds are singing and everywhere is smell of flowers.

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Nowadays, garden gazebos become real miniature works of architectural art, and not just a temporary protection from the sun or rain. The right choice of the model of a garden gazebo will make it mainly decoration of a garden. Choosing a model of garden gazebo is important to use the material and style of the main house. If the style of garden gazebo, garden ornaments, and garden paths will be look the same as the main house, you get a single architectural ensemble. The main function of the garden gazebo is the chance to relax inside of it. That`s why, to choose the type of garden gazebo you need to use your private imagination about of beauty and comfort.

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A “live” gazebo makes with using of steel or metal structures, near it are planted liana, which create the effect of green walls.

A small gazebo which is made in the forest or village style is looking good in the gardens with large territories which look as a wild (abandoned) garden. Often this kind of garden gazebo are making from branches of trees. The shape and appearance of it looks like small forest house.

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A garden gazebo is also a great place to eat in the open air. Inside a garden gazebo you can put a dining table, a barbecue, and bar. To eat in a garden gazebo is nice at any time, so it is also important to take care of the good lighting.

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