Garden paths

If  after the rain   it is hard to walk  on  your garden? It’s time to think about the arrangement garden paths. First of all,  we must make plan where they are easier to build. The most comfortable places to make  garden paths are the paths on which often  have walked. In some countries, there is a experience to make ways to a building only on  paths where people had walked before.

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Garden paths are of two types: main and auxiliary. The type of a garden path has the meaning to make the right choice about its size, shape and material for covering. The type of a garden path has the meaning to make the right choice about its size, shape and material for covering.

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When planning  garden paths is important to understand  the style of the garden,  in which the garden  would  be decorated in, because the paths, small houses, sculptures, plants and ponds would be look harmonious.

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Do not forget that the garden path has two functions: decorative and practical. That’s why, very important how they look together with the general architectural and landscape style of a house and garden, and their high quality also.

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Garden paths will last many years, if before to start their making, to get all information about: the natural and climatic conditions; function of garden paths; load on the paths; shape of paths.

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The materials to make garden paths it is also very important. For making garden paths, possible to use artificial stone, concrete, asphalt, sand, gravel …

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Paving is the best and the most ancient way of building the garden paths. The paving could be making from plates, blocks, stones, wood, clinker and so on. Not so long time ago, a figured colorful tile began to be used not only on the city streets, but also for the decoration of garden paths. The landscape of a garden looks luxurious if garden paths makes from marble or other expensive stones. A gravel, pebbles, wood chippings and other bulk materials are not expensive, but very beautiful finish for garden paths. Also a garden path could be done as a lawn from a ” not killed” grass, for example  soccer fields or racetracks  make  like this. This grass is green and beautiful all year round and even if to walk on it too much. When making  garden paths can be combined different materials . All kinds of garden paths are very interesting, their choice it depends only from the size of your purse and your fantasy.

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