It’s not a secret that green is the color of tranquility. Also green color increases efficiency and stimulates thinking. That`s why green color is often used in the design of offices, work space and home libraries. But, this doesn’t mean that in other rooms green color could not be used. So, for example, rich green color is appropriate in a well-lit bedroom, in a big dining room and in a small bathroom. And, a tableware, accessories and textiles color of fresh lime or color of young grass is well fit into the interior of a modern kitchen and living room in the fusion style. Wall tiles in the bathroom could be put a turquoise or emerald hue.


The green color is the symbol of youth and joy, so it is very good for the decoration of children’s rooms and rooms of teenagers. If you don`t want to make a child’s room completely in this color, you can to supplement the interior of it by furniture or textiles in pistachio, lime or squash colors.


Sometimes green color looks very catchy, but if we will find for it a worthy partner, we can get very stylish and imaginative solutions. The best “friend” of a green color is a brown color. Because both of these colors belong to the natural range, that`s why they can work together to create the perfect combination.



Combining bright furniture with finishing materials of green plant colors we can get fresh and tender interior. Very impressive look accessories of malachite – colored, such as a vase or candle holder. Flowers, leaves and other floral motifs the most popular patterns for textiles and wallpaper.



The nature is the best source of inspiration, so if you use colors of grass, trees, and leaves in the interior of the house you will fill your home the natural beauty and fresh.