House in a Mediterranean style

Anyone who has ever been on the Mediterranean Sea, will always remember the small white houses that descend blue sea. Historically, the Mediterranean style was a mixture of styles in the interior of countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey. Because all of these countries have access to the sea, the basis of Mediterranean style became the union of materials, finishes and nautical theme decor elements, and high functionality of home and design simplicity.

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The Typical Mediterranean house – it is a small stone house which made from cutting sandstone, plastered and painted white in color, with small windows, and with a tiled roof   or a flat roof with   of white color. This house has small bedrooms, small windows with shutters, a small living room, hallway, kitchen. If the house is in the countryside, around of it there is a garden with olive and fruit trees, but if it is in the city it always has a small balcony, where possible to put a flower pot. Often, in the house there is a patio or terrace.

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For the walls in a Mediterranean style used exclusively monophonic matte colors, mostly beige, light blue or white colors. To make the walls looked not monotonous better to use textured finish for walls; wooden panel with the effect of “aging”; decorative tiles with original illustrations which have an uneven surface and edges. It is important that the wall looked the most natural. The floors in the small Mediterranean house are almost paved with marble tiles, natural stone or wood.

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The colors of the Mediterranean style are always natural: they can be cool shades of blue, yellow, green and white colors; or warm colors – olive, brown, emerald green and orange-red colors. Often used in a combination of white and blue colors as decoration. To make a classic small Mediterranean house don’t use too much different colors, enough to choose several colors and shades to play with them.

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To create a Mediterranean-style it is better to buy wooden furniture or furniture wood-colored. An excellent option could be furniture of rattan handmade. It is not cheap option, but it is very luxury and comfortable. In the Mediterranean style   always present wrought iron tables and chairs, coffee tables, tabletops, wicker cabinets, chests and vases, wooden benches, rocking chairs, bookshelves.

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The interior of the small Mediterranean house is used at least textiles. There are no massive curtains; blinds of pastel colored are an ideal option considered.  Textiles often can be found only in the design of   a bedroom and a kitchen.

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As accessories in Mediterranean interiors nice to use different ceramics dishes. To highlight the theme of the sea try to use different sea presents: mussels, stones, coral and even wooden armature and imitation of ships.

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