Jacuzzi bath in the interior

Not so long time ago, few could boast by Jacuzzi bath. Today a Jacuzzi bath is not an indicator of luxury, but affordable and good for health thing of “water” interior. The world first learned of a whirlpool baths in 1956. This bath had made the Japanese brothers Roy and Candido Yakutsi; the name “Jacuzzi” – is the transformation of their names and surname. The brothers just put into the bath a pump. In 1968 the brothers Yakutsi had gotten the license and the patent; then in Germany began producing whirlpool baths. Jacuzzi baths quickly became popular in Europe.

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The bath owes its miraculous healing properties to a whirlpool system, of through which the water is becoming rich on oxygen. Oxygen-enriched water is fed into the bath under the pressure of the jet. Helping it in this work special devices (nozzles, they are the same jets) – water gets enriched by air and oxygen-rich stream under pressure is fed into a bath. Many current models of whirlpool baths have besides jets and other options – additional taps, connectors for the water supply for imitation of small waterfalls. Many models of Jacuzzi baths are equipped with armrests, headrests and other things for a comfortable bathing. Some Jacuzzi baths have acoustics systems, automatic control of water level in the bowl, and even disinfection by itself.

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There are two kinds of Jacuzzi baths:

1) ┬áThe traditional Jacuzzi bath – hydro massage in the bath is created by mixing water with air and feeding under pressure through a jet, as result in the bowl we have a churning effect. In such baths is performed the massage of anaerobic species.

2) The combined Jacuzzi baths – apart from the usual jets in a bath there are additional jets that can create water flow direction. These jets make sinusoidal and pulsating massage.

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Jacuzzi baths can be different in size, shape, options, and colors.

The simplest in terms of transportation, installation and maintenance are acrylic whirlpool baths. Higher strength characteristics have quaryl baths: acrylic in them enhanced by fine quartz chips. Cast-iron baths with jets is very strong and durable. The best Jacuzzi baths are of liquid marble. In the line of elite class presented models of Jacuzzi bath made of tempered glass or fine wood.

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The modern Jacuzzi bath can be successfully integrated even in a small bathroom. Corner model of Jacuzzi bath – is ideal for small bathrooms. The Jacuzzi bath in the form of a circle sector compactly built into the corner of a room, don`t take up much space, and even makes the visual effect of large area of a room. There are so small model of Jacuzzi baths that in them are possible to sit only. Such models are shown to people with disabilities, or with heart disease. Rectangular and square Jacuzzi baths also well look into the interior of a small bathroom.