Japanese style in the interior of the living room

Popular worldwide Japanese style was formed in the sixteenth century in Japan. The Japanese style of interior originated not only from the Japanese culture but also from Chinese and Korean cultures. Japanese style in the understanding of the Europeans – it is a mixture of western and eastern interiors, because even the most devoted fan of the culture of the country of “Rising Sun” cannot sleep and eat on the floor. Japanese style can be created in a room of any size.



The main features of the Japanese style in the interior of the living room:

  • In the design of the walls, floor, ceiling, and interior items are dominated by natural motifs;
  • The availability of natural accessories: the most popular accessories are bonsai and ikebana;
  • The minimalist concept in the interior;
  • Furniture and interior items must be as functional as possible and less visible;
  • The use only natural materials;
  • The bright ethnic accents in the interior.



The walls and ceiling of a living room in Japanese style make in light colors, as the main color is best to use white, and the floor can be made dark. Permissible to make the floor in light colors, but it must be a tone darker than the walls and the ceiling, for example, the white walls and ceiling, combined with beige floor. For decoration of walls in the Japanese style good option are under the bamboo wallpaper with Japanese drawings. The ceiling is better to make matte and white, the best of all suited suspended ceiling with photo printing with as few characters or a small Japanese figure. On the floor is the best to put laminate stylized by bamboo.


Furniture in the living room in a Japanese-style must be not a lot, and it must be as functional. Japanese tradition offers the seating places on the floor, so the furniture must be as low and compact. Instead of bulky furniture it is good to use invisible built-in wardrobes.


In the living room is a Japanese-style must be ethnic accessories, such as bonsai, ikebana and different figurines, floor vases, Japanese lamps, fans, cold steel arms and others.

Living in the Japanese style it is a great choice for fans of ethnic interiors.