Kitchen faucets in the interior

Kitchen faucet needs to be reliable in operation, easy to maintain and strong enough. In addition, a kitchen faucet together with a sink has to create a harmonious whole, properly fitting into an interior of a kitchen.

According to a method of incorporating water kitchen faucets divided into next types:

• Contactless kitchen faucets. In these faucets, water starts to flow when hands tray to a special built-in photocell.  These faucets are perfectly suited for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech and for kitchen in the eco-style.

• Kitchen faucets with two valves. They fit very well into designer kitchens;

• Single-lever kitchen faucets. They are comfortable in a kitchen, with them quickly and easily control the temperature and water flow capacity.

It is best of all to install the faucet which has an average altitude of lift of a spout; in this case a jet of water will not be sprayed, and under it will be comfortable to work. The turning radius of a kitchen faucet doesn’t to be high. Very comfortable are kitchen faucets with built-in switches for the dishwasher or other appliance; and kitchen faucets with built-in water filter.

The modern kitchen faucets have two flow modes: strong pressure and light pressure (nozzle-shower). Typically, these kitchen faucets have watering can-shower. With the nozzle-shower is easy to wash any number of dishes or to wash a lot of fruits and berries from all sides.

Choosing a kitchen faucet is necessary to take into account the design of a kitchen and a place of it installation (wall, sink, worktop).