Kitchen in hi-tech style

Trendy shocking kitchen design in high-tech style was born in the end of twentieth century. The founders of high-tech style are Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, who designed the Pompidou Center in France. This project had attracted worldwide attention due to its innovation; in it had used glass, plastic and metal, in combination with concrete structures.



Kitchen design in high-tech style it is a guide into the super comfortable and ultra-modern everyday life. The basic principles of the style are:

  • the strict geometry: simple smooth and straight lines;
  • the good lighting;
  • the rational distribution of household appliances;
  • the lack of small decorative details and superfluous elements;
  • the bright saturated colours;
  • the absence of household items and personal things.



The walls in the kitchen in the style of hi-tech make with usual masonry or just paint concrete surfaces, to make them smooth.

For floor covering the kitchen the style of high-tech fine materials are stone, tile, poured concrete and artificial stone. Unacceptable as the floor cover to use the materials such as bright tiles and parquet plank.


In the kitchen in high-tech style great attention is paid to lighting. Lighting instruments are selected strictly in high-tech style. More importance is attached to the built-in spot lighting above special functional areas.

The windows in the style of high-tech have a single glass structure without partitions and invisible frames of ultra-thin width.


For high-tech style is appropriate next kitchen furniture:

  • cupboards with built-in panels, touch screens, and boxes with closers;
  • shelves with facades closed by glass;
  • metal chairs/stools with bright and garish upholstery.

In the kitchen design in the hi-tech style, accessories are reduced to a minimum. As a decoration it is possible to use small vases and pots with green plants, stylish utensil, and abstract paintings.