Kitchen in the loft-style

The kitchen in the loft-style – is the perfect solution for dynamic, uninhibited and adventurous people, whose hearts beat in unison with the heart of the metropolis. The kitchen in the loft-style – is a storehouse of original design ideas! In a kitchen there is a non-traditional layout, and bold use of  finishing materials, and ergonomic design, and an extraordinary color`s palette  and brave decor.

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The basis of the interior  of kitchen loft-style is a neighborhood of modern materials (glass, steel, chromium) with old materials and objects (masonry, concrete walls, wooden floor). The masonry and white (painted or plastered) walls are the ideal basis for cutting-edge furniture and  for something rare, as the old phone booth or a pot-bellied-humped refrigerator. The phone can be set directly in the phone booth.

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As a floor covering is ideal graphite tiles, thick rough wooden planks, rough carefully made old board, as well as other materials with effect of patina. To supplement the interior can be with a carpet, which looks like a real “pedestrian zebra” or «Hopscotch Rug».

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The home kitchen in the loft-style must looks like the professional restaurant kitchen: high-tech, orderly, gleaming steel and chrome. The best kitchen furniture for the kitchen in the loft-style is a kitchen unit with rectangular blind facades. Inserts made of glass in doors of kitchen units have to be blacked out. The choosing of a color of furniture is not limited by a strict cold or achromatic range of gray, white and black colors. Balance interior of the kitchen in the loft style can the right mix of cold and warm hues. A very original and fresh at the kitchen in the loft style looks the bottom of the furniture in cold dark color and contrasting bright warm color at the top.

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In order to be the home kitchen in loft-style looks more professional you need to put the oven and the refrigerator from stainless steel. In the kitchen in the loft-style must be cutting-edge consumer electronics: high-gloss black or chrome oven and ceramic hob without edging.

In a dining area looks good design floor lamp on a high chrome leg. The walls of the kitchen in loft-style can be decorated by appropriate style accessories: a road sign, original posters, signs signposts, graffiti and other that is everyday and commonplace for residents of large cities.

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