Kitchen island

A kitchen island is a part of kitchen furniture, which is “divorced” from walls and the other objects, and it’s surrounded by free space. Such an arrangement variant of a dining and work area in kitchen is becoming more popular because it has many advantages:

  • Kitchen island always looks very impressive, because it is the main part of a kitchen interior;
  • At a kitchen island can cook at the same time two people, and guests can watch this process;
  • In a kitchen island possible to install the sink, stove and other kitchen equipment;
  • A kitchen island is an additional storage place, a raised countertop, a wine cabinet, a sideboard, etc…

Kitchen island (1)

Kitchen island (2)

The only drawback of a kitchen island is need for a big area. Designers emphasize that from each side the island must be separated from the walls, refrigerator or kitchen units not less than 90 centimeters.

Kitchen island (3)

Kitchen island (4)

A kitchen island can be issued in the form of: kitchen island – buffet; kitchen island with a raised countertop, kitchen island with sink, kitchen island with a stove, kitchen island with a two-level countertop, kitchen island with a folding table, kitchen island with built-in refrigerator, freezer or oven, etc.

Kitchen island (5)

A kitchen island must be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Its importance can be further isolated with help of original facades or countertop, which are different of main kitchen furniture by design, material or color.

Kitchen island (6)

Do not leave a space above the kitchen island free. Over a kitchen island can be positioned for mounting utensils (pots or glasses), lamps or cooker hood.

In any case, a kitchen island can make any kitchen luxury!