Modern stone house

Stone houses were the first in which people began to live. The story of stone houses was starting from times of caves, then had appeared houses, who grew up in castles and palaces. In ancient times, the main advantage of the stone house was its flammability. The fires were so commonplace that it was clear that the wooden house would not stand for a long time. A stone house would not burn, and does not burn up in the case of a fire in a house of  neighbors. All old forts, palaces, castles, religious buildings, bridges, arenas have been built from different stones – marble, granite, sandstone. These buildings cause us a sense of respect, impressive of its beauty and grandeur, and are a living proof of the reliability of the stone house. That’s why, another advantage of stone houses is durability of there. Stone houses can be used for hundreds of years, because they are not afraid of fire, biological and climatic effects. Most of the stone houses are experiencing centenary.

Modern stone house (1)

In our days, many people can afford to live in a stone house; combined with modern technology and design, it is very practical and economical. Powerful stone walls well protect the premises from the summer heat and winter chill.

Modern stone house (2)

Modern stone house (3)

The photographs show to us the stone house in the style, which is popular for several centuries in the Turkish cities like Bodrum, Marmoris, Izmir (Aegean Sea). Outside look of the house is seems not like a house in the Mediterranean style, it has the color of the south of Turkey. The outwardly simplicity of stone box well combined with the modern design ideas inside. In this house you want to relax, enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, and just enjoy the life.

Modern stone house (4)

Modern stone house (5)

Modern stone house (6)

Modern stone house (7)

Modern stone house (8)