Mosaics in the interior

Mosaic in the interior of premises had used for centuries. In today’s world it is possible t find many variations of colors and materials for produce a mosaic. The popularity of different types of mosaic explained by beauty of it coverings, it resistance to the negative effects of the environment, and versatility. Unlike of tile, mosaic is easy to use for a design of curved surfaces, corners and height discontinuity.




Types of mosaic:

  1. The most popular is the glass mosaic. It is not expensive, but very diverse: it could be matt, transparent, with decorative inclusions (gold or platinum foil). Glass mosaic is resistant to prolonged exposure to water, sunlight, extremes of temperature and detergent; it is durable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant. It is often used for decoration of bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchen aprons, table tops, transparent room dividers, walls, floors, fireplaces, and even furniture.
  2. Ceramic mosaic. It might look something like ceramic tiles of small size, and in the form of sheets of granite. Due to the low water absorption and increased resistance to mechanical impact such mosaics used in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. From mosaics create accents in the form of panels on the walls and floors in any room.
  3. Stone mosaic. The most famous material for its manufacture it is marble. Also, for production of stone mosaic use jasper, lapis, lazuli, travertine and other semi- and precious stones. This type of mosaic decorated walls, floors, raiser countertops, bathrooms and swimming pools. Effectively look stairs and halls. Often it is used for decoration of a outer facades, entrances, and even for arrangement of garden paths.
  4. Smalt mosaic. This is one of the most expensive and practical materials. Outwardly, this mosaic is similar to glass mosaic, but with a very smooth surface. The color of smalt mosaic is very bright, rich and deep. It can be used to decorate all surfaces and in places with a constant load such as the floors in a kitchen or in a hallway.
  5. Metal mosaic. Recently, for the decoration of walls use a mosaic of metal. It use primarily for decoration of individual elements or in the form of small insertions. Perform it as of diamonds, squares, ovals and rectangles.