Small luxury bathroom

Many people have problems with the bathroom, because that room is small. If you would like to do the comfortable bathroom, an apartment needs some change: to break walls to connect a toilet with a bath; to stole some space from a hallway or from a kitchen.

Small luxury bathroom (1)

Small luxury bathroom (2)

Hanging toilet will help to save space for shelves or for closed locker for storage of personal hygiene things.

A good light in the bathroom would help to create the illusion of spaciousness. One of the best decisions to make small bathrooms seem larger it is to use mirrors or mirrored tiles.

Making a small bathroom design doesn’t forget about the bath or shower. Very clever to make in the bathroom a corner shower unit, because inside of it more space for elbows and more comfortable to wash.

Small luxury bathroom (3)

Small luxury bathroom (4)

Bathroom can be designed in such styles:
Scandinavian style;
Provence style;

….. more

Small luxury bathroom (5)

Small luxury bathroom (6)

Take time to find style of your dream to make your small luxury bathroom.