Textiles in an interior

None, even the most modern and minimalist interior can not to exist without textiles, because beautiful “cloth” give comfort, warmth, and a sense of “family home” to any home. A textile in an interior sets the tone and adds color to the overall design idea of every room. The harmony and the general perception of an interior is created with help of the right combination of a style and colors of textile.



A kitchen can be decorated by curtains on cupboard, drapes on the windows, different seats for chairs, as decoration of the space under the sink, beautiful kitchen towels, napkins, oven gloves and aprons.



A headboard and foot of a bed in a bedroom can be decorated by fabric, as well as hang on the windows roman blinds. And if in the bedroom is a forged bed, in this case with the help of cushions with lace pillow cases, it is possible to create a unique chic of vintage style. But for interiors in ethnic style, the best option is matching of bed linen, bedspreads and a canopy in one color or style.



Also, there are different ways to use textiles in the living room, for example, the decoration of a wall with a cloth in the form of a picture (as an option in a  frame), or  to put on a wall a horizontal mat decorated with different accessories or beaded. This way of use of textiles in interiors is very good for such styles as country style, or other ethnic styles. A good option for the decor is a combination of curtains and slipcovers for furniture.