The alpinarium (rock-garden) in landscape design

The alpinarium (second name is «rock garden”) is a popular element of landscape design; it is made from stone and unpretentious rock plants. The rock garden can radically change the face of a house territory and emphasize the sense of fashion of owners, because it is «fashionable chip” in landscape design. The alpinarium decorates any garden. The care for rock garden is very easy, if it is made correctly: there are a right foundation and plants. Rock garden plants are perennial plant, and even when they not in bloom, they look sumptuously, because their foliage has beautiful shape and color.



Alpinarium must be located in a well visible place, to see it from any part of a garden. It is well to arrange a rock garden at the entrance to a house or near the recreation area. Also, alpinarium looks good in the points of junction of garden paths, which have different shapes: for example, in a place where the rectangular area moves in a tortuous path.


Rock garden needs a foundation. The foundation for rock garden makes of brick or concrete, a thickness of it is about 20 cm. On the foundation make several terraces (about 3-5 levels). After it, is necessary to put stones on the terraces, cover them by soil and plant there plants.