The bar stools

Making the interior of a kitchen or living room, many people choose the modern style, in which fit well a raised countertop and comfortable bar stools. They perfectly complement the interior in the style of hi-tech, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, minimalism, fusion, etc. A variety of bar stools models allows choosing a model for any interior design.

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The stools frame usually made of metal or wood. Also, there are mixed models successfully combine wood and metal parts. The stools also make from rattan or bamboo. The seat can be made of plastic, metal or glass, especially in the modern models of bar stools.
Bar stools for classical interiors, usually, are made of wood, covered with leather or fabric, inside of them there is a soft padding. A form of the seat can be very diverse: from the usual round to the original as a heart-shaped or leaves-shaped.

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Choosing bar stools need to pay attention to some nuances:

  • The material – it can be very different and make choose need on the basis of style of a kitchen or living room, and personal preferences of course;
  • The upholstery – it can be from fabric, leather or even rubberized, or a stool can be without it;
  • The color – it all depends on whether, you want stools to merge with colors of a room or they be as a contrasting accent; the base of the stool and its upholstery can also vary by color;
  • The height – the stools can be changed by height or not. For example, if a height of raised countertop is 1m, so for it need bar stools not more than 70cm. Optimum height from a floor to a seat of bar stool, in terms of ergonomics, is 60cm;
  • The seat size – it depends on the size of those who sit on a stool. It is possible to choose stools with large seats, with backrest and possibly with armrests.

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Feel free to choose the most extravagant bar stools of bizarre shapes and colors. Flashy neon shades, plastic, metal and leather – all this will look great in any kitchen and any living room.