The bonsai tree in an interior

The decorative tree bonsai appeared in Europe in the early 20th century and became one of the most popular houseplants.


The decorative Japanese tree easily fits in interior of any room, and it is not necessarily the room must be decorated in Japanese style. Bonsai looks good and in a classic living room and in a kitchen in high-tech style. Bonsai is perfect for rooms where for finish and for furniture have used maximum of natural materials. If the plant has its own distinct color, it is possible to support it with help of other decorative elements such as cushions for couches or finishing of walls.


Very nice a Japanese bonsai looks in combination with a chandelier, which simulates a tree branch. This plant theme can be continued with flowers decor on the walls.

To create harmony between the interior of a home and the living tree is very important to choose right pot for the bonsai tree.


Another companion of Japanese bonsai tree are contrasts. It can be different combinations, such as dark furniture and light walls or vice versa; as well as the dark floor and white carpet on it.

Maximum simplicity and naturalness – it is a basic rule for creating harmonious interior with using of Japanese bonsai as a decorative element.