The chandelier in the interior

Chandelier is a French invention; the name comes from the French word “Lustre”   – gloss, shine, luster, and from Latina word “lustrare”-   to illuminate, to shine. Chandelier is a decorative – made lighting instrument, which has a few light sources such as bulbs or candles. The mandatory part of any chandelier are decorative light diffusers – plafonds and abat-jours.



The chandelier in the interior is one of the main elements, because it has at the same time two important functions: lighting and decoration of a room. In the middle Ages, beautiful chandelier testified about the level of well-being owner of a home. Some chandeliers were real works of art that were produced with using of different types of glass, stones, precious metals and murals.



Modern chandeliers are available in three basic types: classic chandelier, ceiling chandelier and chandelier-hanger.


Classic chandeliers made of metal, glass, fabric, dark silver, with gilding, with a lampshade made of expensive wood or crystal pendants. Bohemian crystal chandeliers are a sign of elegance and luxury in an interior. The chandelier in the form of a bouquet of flowers which are hanging from a ceiling or a chandelier with lamps-candles is a real work of art. These types of chandeliers are used to a large living room and a spacious hallway.



The hanging chandelier is very good for a dining room, kitchen or bedroom. One or more glass or plastic hanging plafonds or big abat-jour perfectly fit in rooms with high ceilings.


The ceiling chandelier need to use for rooms with low ceilings. These chandeliers made in the form of crawling on a ceiling “spiders”, lianas with flowers, or with plafonds of different geometric shapes.


Chandeliers made in different styles: high-tech, country, fusion, techno, vintage, and others. The choice the style of a chandelier, size and color of a chandelier depends from  the height of the ceiling of the room, its purpose, and color concept.