The furniture for pets in the interior

Pets, need a private space too – a place for toys, for food, and a soft pillow to sleep.

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Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and even a mini-piggy, do not realize that their owners protect their new Italian furniture, are proud of the recently made repairs at the kitchen and show to neighbors a nice painted baseboards. Pets perceive the interior of a human home in its own way: for them it becomes a habitat where they need to maintain their fitness and, if it is necessary, even to defend the right on the area in dispute with other tenants. These problems are easily solved if you put special furniture for pets, which helps simulate the desired pet-friendly atmosphere in a human home. Experts recommend choose the quietest place in the house and fix it for a dog or a cat, so they get used to it from an early age and be sure that nobody would take this place.

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Pets can`t sleep on the floor because they can catch a cold, moreover, it is unhygienic. Pets need a small bed. There are beds of various sizes, such as 52 × 35 × 13/62 × 45 × 13/72 × 51 × 13/80 × 53 × 13 cm), shapes (oval, round, square, rectangular, in the form of bones, hearts, etc.), with different fillings (furniture foam, padding polyester). Beds for pets – is versatile furniture for pets, which is used for cats and for dogs. Most of these beds disassembled into parts: they consist of a frame and a soft pillow from padding polyester (it is easy to wash or brush).

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Furniture for pets it is good to choose in size and color included with other things at home interior. Very popular are small couches which look like sofa, cot, and chair. In fashion includes furniture for pets, which can be transformed. For dogs of decorative breeds (Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, and English toy -terriers’ et al.) and cats as a sleeping place used soft booths with high or low bumpers, and removable roofs made from furniture foam. To soft booths attached pillows of fur or padding polyester. These booths protect pets from drafts, and look good in the interior of the home.

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