The Glass House

Not so many times ago, we were sure that a house should be built from wood or brick. And to enjoy the nature was possible only from the balcony or windows. But now, designers and architects are suggesting to us to live in glass houses. Thanks to modern technology of the construction fabulous “locks” made from a glass have become the real. Now we have opportunity to do house not only with glass facades, but to make it completely from a glass.

The Glass House (1)

The Glass House (2)

From a glass possible to do  anything: a facade, a roof,  sliding doors, a stairs,  walls, floors, fences and even the floor. Of course, it is not comfortable for everyone to live in absolutely glass house, but some individual parts of it can be interest to most people. In the glass house it is possible to feel unusual atmosphere: a feeling of lightness, airiness and the all-pervading light and solar heat. This is absolutely new feelings in the perception of the living space. It is looks as if like the boundary between the house and the nature was erased. Through the transparent walls you can to enjoy the greenery in the garden; a glass ceiling gives opportunity to watch the clouds; through the transparent glass more light gets in the room, so they seem bigger.

The Glass House (3)

The Glass House (4)

In a modern glass houses, except the walls are often used other translucent structures: for example, glass roofs, which can be fitted over the whole house or over part of it. Glass roofs better of all to install in halls and living rooms.

The Glass House (5)

Glass houses look fragile, but they are very reliable, because paid a lot of attention to security of a building.  Different technologies are used to improve the strength of a glass. In a time of the building uses glass having a specific composition and specially treated.

  • Laminated glass
  • Tempered glass.
  • reinforced glass

Composite materials are also used: Glass of polymers, transparent slate, Plexiglas, glass, coated with a special film. Durability and reliability of the glass house is also dependent on specialized systems that can be made from wood, plastic, aluminum or steel.

The Glass House (6)

The Glass House (7)

Glass floors are opening opportunities for original design decisions; the experience of their using shows that it is the practical and safe way to create one-of-a-kind design of the room.

If to use the glass properly, it can be used to divide the living space of an apartment or house into functional zones: for example, if you make a floor of transparent or opaque glass, it is a great way to organize the podium with LED back-light; the space inside the floor can be decorated with any decorative elements: colored sand, stones or shells.

The Glass House (8)

The Glass House (9)

The glass floors are widely used in a modern architectural style of hi-tech and are used not only for design inside building, but also as a floor for balconies, elevators.

Nowadays, thanks to the glass and lighting became possible to make true the most daring and creative ideas in the design of any home.

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