The Gothic style in interiors

The Gothic style was born, and was formed in Europe in 12-15 centuries. Over time gothic style had lost its popularity, but in the 18-19 century, it was revived again. The interest of the gothic culture has been simmering and in the modern world. The interior in the Gothic style needs a large space, which is why this style is not suitable for small rooms with low ceilings.

The main materials of the Gothic style are stone, wood, marble and metal.

An integral element of the Gothic style is a tall fireplace with shelves; often on the shelves put a lot of different plates and cups. Effectively looks fireplace which has gothic or Celtic emblems and symbols.

The floor in a hallway or corridor can be decorated with dark tiles or planks. Walls decorate with various patterns or drawings with stories about knights of the middle Ages. It is important to remember that the furniture in the Gothic style must be massive, and it can be decorate with ornaments.

Windows with arches make the room lighter and visually more. Best of all Instead of glass to insert in windows a mosaic or stained glass to imitating the style of the Middle Ages. Also the windows decorate by heavy drapes.

For lighting in the Gothic style use chandelier with low-hangers, floor lamps as candlesticks with elements of bronze and brass.