The home library

In this case, if you like to read, so during of the life you have gathered not small collection of books. The main function of home library – is an organization of book collections so that the necessary book would easy to find, and the reading would be comfortable.

The home library (1)

The ideal place to organize a home library is a home office. There possible to read in a relaxed atmosphere. The home library in the office can take one, two or even three walls. The style of home library can be quite varied, from colonial to ultramodern. The home library with antique furniture looks rich and elegant. There are may be a massive oak desk, leather chairs and wooden chairs with armrests, couch, covered with leather, coffee table and high-to-ceiling cabinets for books. If you prefer a more modern style, in this case the home library can be arranged in the style of hi-tech, with different things and accessories in the same style.

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The second, a very good option – it is a home library in the living room. The living room – this is one of the best places for making the comfortable and functional home library. The main element of the living room is book- shelves and place for reading.  Shelves for books can be recessed, wall or floor. If you have antiquarian books or thing, it is better to use glazed cabinets to save them. Bookshelves can decorate by personal items – photos, souvenirs. To make the interior more harmonious and cozy, in the living room best to use a coffee table instead of a desk. In the living room with a home library are very beautiful look tall vase on the floor and carpets near the sofa or fireplace. It is important to make a good lighting in the living room. The best option of lighting for comfortable reading – a floor lamp on a comfortable ergonomic pantograph, which is rotated in any direction.

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Finally, the compact version of the home library – is any room for it: it can be done in a bedroom, in a child room, and even in a kitchen. The space under the stairs can be used advantageously for cabinet for books.

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