The house in the flowers

Nowadays, the house covered with flowers possible to see  very rare. Such beauty can be seen in the small old towns and villages. But rarely.  Very rarely…

The house in the flowers produces an incredible experience – we do not pay attention to the architecture or the material from which the house is built, we are only watching on flowers.

Eyes see the bright colors of flowers and green leaves;  it seems  like  you  come to   a magical forest to a house of enchantress . You are feeling that you are in a fairy tale.

The house in the flowers (1)

The house covered with living flowers  always  will look original and bright compared to other houses.  This house is very easy to find. Try to imagine that you have forget the address of a flower  house  or  the address the house of neighbors, in this case you would  easy to ask passers-by  about the direction, and to explain to them which  house you are looking for.

There are many ways  to cover the house with flowers:

  • to decorate the windows and window sills;
  • to hang pots and baskets with flowers under the roof and in the corners of the house;
  • to put a lot of different flowers and plants to a porch and terrace;
  • to grow up on terraces and under walls lianas; they must grow up and down;
  • put on the edges of garden paths, near the pavilions and ponds small pots with plants;
  • and much more-a lot of options that could be created by your hands.

The house in the flowers (2)

Different kinds of  climbing plants, bright flowers, bushes, which are standing at the door of the house make an incredible, fabulous view of the house.

House seems very rich with a long history.

The house in the flowers (3)

Of course it is very difficult to make the house with many flowers by yourself. It is takes a lot of labor and time. But this house  costs  of it, because it looks very beautiful and unique. Let’s look at a photos …

The house in the flowers (4)

The house in the flowers (5)

The house in the flowers (6)