The interior in the style of Art Deco

The term “Art Deco” translated from French means “decorative art”. The style Art Deco emerged after the First World War. The interior in the style of Art Deco is characterized by decorative sophistication, elegance and an abundance of glossy surface. In the art-deco style applied different decorative elements, such as zigzags, circles, triangles, rounded corners and strict vertical straight lines. In the interior uses glass, ceramic, fabric, bronze and wood and leather; and also an expensive marble for flooring.



Furniture in Art Deco is comfortable and luxurious. For its production use precious woods, expensive leather, forged or metal elements.  Wooden furniture Art Deco often coated with black lacquer and complement with chrome decorations. It is very relevant  in the style of Art Deco are couches and chairs, upholstered in white leather, with painted wooden frames. Art Deco furniture made from exotic woods such as Brazilian rosewood, ebony, maple and veneer. For upholstery Art Deco use soft calf leather and different kinds of velour.



The main colors in the style of Art Deco are black and olive colors and black repetitive patterns also. But walls can be painted in pastel colors. Very rarely in the Art Deco found red, white and beige colors, but they are in moderate amounts with predominance of black color.


Floors in the style of Art Deco covered with marble. Typical floors in the Art Deco it is a black and white marble, in the shape of squares or rectangles; but the best option is a floor in the form of a chessboard.  In this style, can be use carpets of black and brown colors in combination with gray, as well as different prints on carpets: snake and flowers arranged in a geometric order, or original cubic patterns.


For lighting in the style of Art Deco use chandeliers, floor and table lamps, wall lamps, made in simple geometric shapes and with mosaic ornaments. Chandeliers in Art Deco are a real decorative art, luxury, chic, and modern materials.


In the Art Deco accessories are very important. Typical accessories in Art Deco style are the mirrors in frames of nickel, chromium or silver, richly decorated with motifs of deer, peacocks and roses. In home offices must be present writing sets. Door handles in the Art Deco style must be forged from silver, nickel or chromium.


Today the  Art Deco style is using in fashion, architecture, jewelry art, but most of all in interior design and furniture Art Deco.