The interior of a dining room

Modern house are rarely having a separate room for a dining room. The most common place for a meal is part of a kitchen or living room, where there is not a large dining table. However, a dining room is much comfortable and cozy:  there is not much of furniture, so it has more space. A dining room must be located next to a kitchen and living room or other recreational areas. The passage of the dining room in these rooms must be carried out through a door or archway.

Dining room (1)

The table is the main and most essential element in the interior of a dining room. It should be rated not less than six persons, to have opportunity to invite guests for lunch or dinner.  It is the best of all to give preference to the table with a sliding top.

Dining room (2)

Usually chairs select to the general dining room interior in the same design solution like a table. Besides external characteristics, choosing chairs pay attention to their strength and comfort. Because the chairs must withstand the weight of the guests for a few hours and guests should be comfortable to sit on them. For а dining room is a best chair are chairs with soft backs and seats or half-chair with armrests.

Dining room (3)

Besides tables and chairs in the interior of the dining room, it is also desirable presence of a serving table. This table is very comfortable when at the main table for food and drinks have no place. Also it is possible to put the fruit or sweets on it. For the simple delivery of food from a kitchen to a dining room a serving table must have wheels.

Dining room (4)

Different cupboards, chests of drawers and slides perform have a decorative function in a dining room. On a dresser or cupboards, you can put a vase with flowers, photo frame, figurine or a souvenir. Buffet in the dining room is the storage of family sets, tablecloths, and embroidered napkins. In the sideboard with showcase can expose a collection of decorative plates or rare stones.

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The dining room in a house is not a relic of the past and not a luxury, but a nice addition to the kitchen and living room; this functional, cozy and comfortable room, filled with a special atmosphere.