The interior of the garden room

The garden room is a dream of every person who loves nature, summer, plants, and of course, comfort and cozy. To create a garden room in a house or apartment needs some conditions: availability of a room not less than 15 square meters; good natural light in the room; the presence of a warm and wet air. To make a garden room possible in any room: this can be a loggia, a balcony, a large bathroom, bedroom, living room and even a kitchen.

The design of a garden room – it is the choice of plants and floral pots, decor of the room with different accessories. Important in the design of the garden room is a choice of furniture and finishing materials. In the garden room must be comfortable chairs, cozy small sofas, benches, cushions, blankets and footrests.


The garden room can be decorated in different styles. Nowadays very popular is the classic style of a garden room, a Japanese garden room and a garden  room in the country-style.


For the classic style are characterized by tropical and subtropical plants, small sculptures and moldings, furniture in classic style as cozy armchairs or hard wooden bench.  The garden room in the Japanese style suggests a typical Japanese minimalism and restraint in shades, in finishes and in accessories. As the plant is used mainly bonsai.


The old or antique furniture can be used to create a  garden room in the country-style. As accessories for interior in the country-style very good are old watering cans, table lamps, antique pots, bottles, boxes and candlesticks. Plants for this style needs are simple – geranium, violets, spiderwort, ivy.


The wetness in the garden room makes with help of a fountain or aquarium.