The interior of the room for guests

If you love to receive visitors, and they often come to you,  it is necessary to allocate a special room for them.

In the guest room must be sleep place (double or twin beds); bedside tables, chest of drawers, a dressing table, wardrobe, rest area (couch and armchairs). Also in the guest room must be furnished: TV, air conditioning, hair dryer.


Designers recommend draw up the guest room in the Classic or Mediterranean style. For finish the room to not use bright colors. The best solution to design of the interior of the guest room is to use neutral, tranquil and soft colors. These are all natural shades: pistachio, wood, olive, light mustard, milk and other. It is appropriate to be almost all pastel colors: light green, pale yellow, peach, blue, light purple. For create accents, it is possible to use the rich noble tone, for example, emerald green, brown, purple, dark blue, burgundy, terracotta.


The lighting in the room for guests is better to make as spots; in the center to hang a small chandelier, and by the perimeter to host some sconces and floor lamps.

Furniture in the room for guests must be as simple as possible. Furniture must not to be much – only the most necessary.


To create comfort and cozy in the guest room, it is important to choose the right accessories. Definitely do not use personal photos, religious things or cult attributes.