The lighting in a home interior

Lighting plays a key role in any interior; it creates a comfort and mood. Making a design of a room, one of the most important issues always has been illuminations, because it is able to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses of an interior. The human eye in room perceives only the light which is reflected from vertical. To a room looked well-lit, the light must fall on the vertical surfaces, i.e. at walls. Therefore, in a room must be several different types of lighting instruments.

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Interior lighting divides into three categories:

  • Ambient – light for everyday life, to go and see things;
  • Task – light for specific activities: reading, cooking, shaving;
  • Accent – light for decoration, lighting paintings, collections, etc.

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For lighting one room using one, two, three, or more types of illumination – it is calling combined lighting. Designers often use mirrors to make more effects from illumination.

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Types of lighting instruments:

Chandeliers – a lighting device for a ceiling. Except light bulbs and art made frame, any chandelier has a decorative light diffusers – plafond (it is a light diffuser in the form of a cylinder or hemisphere) and lampshades.

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Chandeliers come in three varieties: classic chandelier, ceiling chandelier and chandelier-suspension.  The choice of chandeliers depends of the height of a ceiling of a room, purpose of a room and color design. The choice of chandeliers depends of the height of a ceiling of a room, function of a room and color design.

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A classic chandelier gives to any room a majestic and ceremonial look. But for a dining room, kitchen or bedroom is best to suit ceiling chandelier or chandelier-suspension with lamp shade. Ceiling chandeliers, as well as possible, better suit for low ceilings.

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Spotlights. They used for a bathroom, on stairs, in closets and dressing rooms, in a kitchen and at the head of the bed. They are very original look as a decoration evening flowerbeds, garden fountains, aquariums, gardens and backyard swimming pools. They can be installing in combination with other lighting instruments.

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Wall-mounted lamps, plafonds and sconces.  Most of all cases they have not decorative purpose, and practice use: at the head of a bed; over a reading chair near a telephone table; on the stairs; for lighting a hallway.

Spot is a system of two or more identical luminaries placed at a one metal base. A spot highlights a certain angle or a beautiful element in the room. It is used to illuminate a dressing table, bookshelf or mirror.

Table-lamp. Theirs are putting on the tables and bedside table; they may be just decoration of a room; to be as a night-light in a child’s room.

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