The lighting of a garden or infield

The outdoor lighting and infield is an important element of a beauty and also security. With help of decorative lighting flower beds, garden paths, steps and trees, it is possible to create individual infield atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting (1)

There are two types of outside lighting:

  1. Utilitarian (functional) lighting. It lights a porch, garage and garden paths to safely move at dark time of a day.

In the design of functional lighting is important to remember a few key rules:

  •  The lighting equipment must be durable, all-weather, easy and convenient in operation and maintenance;
  •  Between the level of light paths and other landscape objects must be harmony: the maximum level of brightness is better to focus on the lighting of accent elements – gazebos, patios, trees or shrubs;
  •  The brightest place at a infield must be the front of a house;
  •  The property boundary must be clearly visible even in the dark.

Outdoor lighting (11)

For the organization of the functional lighting are used as conventional incandescent lamps and energy-saving fluorescent lamps. The most commonly used standard-lamp. These lighting instruments have the light diffuser of frosted glass. They are fixed vertically.

Outdoor lighting (3)

Spherical lamps – organic form of spheres of carbonate or polycarbonate, equipped with low power light bulbs, is not only able to make not bright lighting, but also beautify the landscape design of any infield.

Outdoor lighting (2)

Lighting Solar charged during the day and at night provides dim lighting of the main parts of a backyard or garden.

Recently, at backyards often use the built-in lighting system. They are installed in steps, alpinarium, fountains, curbs and other landscape elements.

Outdoor lighting (4)

  1. Decorative lighting. This type of lighting is used to illuminate flower beds, garden sculptures, fountains and backyard swimming pools. With help of this kind of lighting it is possible to create an individual and unique atmosphere in an infield.

Outdoor lighting (5)

If illuminate trees and shrubs, it will get an interesting decorative effect. To do this, in the ground are mounted mini-lights or LED lighting (hidden lighting); they are installed on stones, branches or building constructions.

Outdoor lighting (6)

It is important to understand that any outdoor lighting or infield (functional and decorative) are designed together with gazebos, terraces, alpinarium, garden paths, playgrounds, patios, swimming pools and artificial ponds.