The magic of mirrors in a home interior

Mirrors in the interior of a home are used for a long time. The history of modern mirrors begins about from the XIII century. Over time, the type of mirrors had changed; in time of the Renaissance the church banned using mirrors, because through them devil is looking in the world of people. But already in the XVI century, beautiful and rich mirrors became very popular element of a home decor. All the wealthy and noblemen tried to have in their home a mirror, because it was evidence of high-wealth families. In the days of the kings, lush dresses and coaches, mirrors had decorated by precious stones, their frames encrusted diamond, and sizes of mirrors just hit their grandeur. One of the most expensive mirrors is stored in France, in Louvre: it was a present to Queen Catherine de Medici from Venetian masters.

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Nowadays, mirrors are a common element of any home decor. They are in every room almost: bedroom, hallway, bathroom, dressing; they made their natural functions in these rooms – reflect a look and a surroundings. But modern designers have successfully used mirrors as a very unusual and outlandish decorative solution. The difference from the other items of decor, the mirror has a main feature – it reflects; this gives it a ability to visually expand the space of a room. Of course, it is just an illusion, but very beautiful and magical!

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In any of rooms, many small mirrors in frames hanging on wall look beautiful , like paintings. These mirrors can be hang at an angle (5 °), and each of them will show small reflected part of room, and this may be not only the opposite wall, but and a ceiling, a floor, and other parts of a room.


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For very small rooms with irregular shape it is best to use large one-piece mirrors, to visually correct shape and size of a room. Large mirrors rectangular, square or oval shape always must be in a frame; it is important to combine a frame with the overall interior of a home. Mirrors of unusual shapes can`t be framing in a frame, they must be hanged on the wall in its original form. Now very popular mirrors non-standard sizes and shapes, such as hearts, sun, some animal or insect; the imaging of architectural masterpieces like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

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Very interesting design solution is mirrored ceiling in a bedroom, in a living room or in a dining room over a dining table. According to Feng Shui, such decor is able to reflect not only furniture, but also the feelings that live in the room. Thanks to this multiplier effect, love and food on the table will be twice, and the well-being and prosperity will never leave the home.

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