The modern house in the chalet style

The chalet Style originated many centuries ago in the south-eastern part of France, in the alpine mountains. Initially, the chalet was a shepherd’s hut. It was a very solid building, made of massive timber in combination with natural stone. It was to protect people and animals from bad weather. Gradually, these buildings became less look like poor huts and their appearance had become more well-groomed and functionality. Nowadays the chalet style is very popular.


The main features of the style chalet:

  • Roof is flat and duplex, which has a visor; this visor is at a great distance from the perimeter of the house;
  • the top floor of the house is built of treated timber, which is plastered and whitewashed; decorated beams, pilasters and other elements made of wood; and sometimes, a lot of surfaces cover with painted;
  • One-floor house make with high stone plinth;
  • The large veranda is outside of the main structure of the building, so it sets on columns;
  • Terrace or balcony covered with roof overhangs.



All houses in the chalet style have the same layout:

  • In the first floor there are hall, living room, and kitchen;
  • On the second floor there are bedroom, children room, bathroom and dressing room;
  • In the attic there is a living room or home office.


The main rule in the houses in the chalet style is the use of natural materials. The house must be built of wood and natural stone. The floors and ceilings are made of wood, and surfaces of the walls treated with plaster and whitewash; sometimes the walls are decorated with wooden elements.

An important thing in the interior of the chalet is a large fireplace. Traditionally, fireplaces decorated with wood.


One of the main decorations the house in the chalet style are flowers. The windows must beĀ  with shutters. The best option of the interior in the chalet – is interior in the country style.