The translation from Spanish the word “patio’ means – an open backyard, from two or three sides surrounded by walls or green hedge.  Patio existed in ancient Rome; it was built in the rich and noble houses. In the middle ages it became a classic architectural element of the Spanish-Moorish style. Today, the most popular countries in which a patio often builds are Latin America and the Mediterranean countries.


Patio is a great alternative to the living room; it can be equipped with barbecue or Greek fireplace. Patio also possible to complement with other landscape elements: ponds, fountains, flower beds, shrubs and trees.


In the southern countries a patio make in the back yard, because there can hide from the sun. In countries with a temperate climate, a patio location can be other. Traditionally, a patio places near of one wall of a house or near swimming pool. Also patio can stand alone, for example, surrounded of a thick garden.


Of course, the size of a patio depends on the size of an infield, but it can`t be less than 4 square meters. Patio has a rectangular or square shape.


It is very important, that around a patio and inside of it would been flower arrangements. To make the walls as green hedges use clambering plants. To decorate the area surrounding patio create alpinarium and flower beds with beautiful flowers.


In a patio is putting a special garden furniture, there are must be a dining table and seating places. An important attribute of the patio, is the presence of a source of fire, the ideal option – it is a brick oven or grill.