The pop art style in a home interior

The pop-art style was born in England in 50-70 years of XX century and quickly spread around the world. This style is brash, bright, shocking: it was created as a protest to English conservatism and modernism. The interior in the pop-art style leaves vivid impressions and makes a shocking effect.

Pop-art style  (1)

The main features of the style are a lot of bright, even acid colors, the use of prints, collages, and images of famous personalities, recognizable elements of advertising and other products of media. The pop art style in home interior is uses only for large rooms, because the bright colors visually reduce the space.

Pop-art style  (2)

For decoration of walls, floor and ceiling often choose a neutral black-and-white color scheme. Then fill it with bright furniture and accessories, such as the yellow couch, blue chairs and white coffee table. The walls are decorated with numerous photographs and colored prints. There is another version of the design room, where several walls are painted in various contrasting colors. The interior in the pop-art style can be built on the domination of one color. The color is supported in all – in a decoration, furniture and accessories. It is also possible the complete absence of the main color accent – play of colors and textures. Materials for decoration of the walls are photo wallpapers or paintings depicting various characters, stylized images women, repeating graphic elements, or scenes from the comics or cartoons.

Pop-art style  (3)

A ceiling and a floor in the pop-art interior usually glossy, and do not attract attention to themselves, but they can also continue the general concept of the room with the help of colors and prints. Often doing multi-level ceilings, in which are inserted in a backlight. The floor must be plain and glossy; it makes of ceramic tiles, parquetry, self-leveling floors, and even of carpeting.

Pop-art style  (4)

For the pop-art style is characterized of a minimum set of furniture. Therefore, in the interior used only the necessary furniture – a bed, a table, chairs, couch, armchairs and footstools. But, a lot of accessories are using in the pop- art style. Accents make with stylish accessories – plastic photo frames, modern vases of bizarre, metal and chrome elements. As accessories also used multi-colored textiles, fluffy carpets, hides unusual bright colors, paintings and photographs on the walls.

Pop-art style  (5)

The pop-art style created for people who live an active life; for dynamic, energetic and emotional people, able to live in a bright interior; who not tired of the abundance of colors and details. This style is used for the decoration of teenagers or students rooms.