The raised countertop in an interior

A raised countertop is a comfortable and stylish complement of a home decor. It has decorative and functional purposes. Home raised countertop is an elongated countertop without supports, with high chairs.

Raised countertop (1)

Raised countertop (1)

The configuration of a raised countertop can be different: it can be fixed to a wall; to be a continuation of a kitchen countertop, or to be independent furniture. The height of the standard raised countertop is 1.1-1.2 m; to use it can about 4 people at the same time.  Home raised countertop used for small snacks and breakfast, when there is no need to set a dining table. Thus, the raised countertop in home interior serves for a quick meal, but not for drinking, and is an addition to a dining table.

Raised countertop (2)

Designers recommend using of raised countertops in two completely opposite situations: in very large and very small rooms.

In large kitchens raised countertop can be made as part of a kitchen island, because one side of the island is not used for cooking. It is this part of the kitchen island is isolated as the raised countertop; it is higher than the main worktop, and to it put a few bar stools.

Raised countertop (3)

In small kitchens a raised countertop replaces a dining table. The narrow raised countertop along a wall helps to save space in a small kitchen. As the raised countertop can be used extended sill. This option saves kitchen space and gives opportunity to enjoy the view from a window during a meal.

Raised countertop (5)

Raised countertop (6)

Increasingly a raised countertop is used for zoning rooms, especially in apartments-studio or kitchen-living room. The high design of a raised countertop is good visual and functional separator; it delineates a space for rest and cooking.

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