The Scandinavian style in the interior

The versatility, simplicity, practicality and beauty of Scandinavian style attracts attention because its accessibility in design decisions. The advantage of using of the Scandinavian motifs in the design of the home is possibility to handle basic tasks by you. In the Scandinavian countries are often harsh winters, and most part of the cold season outside is damp and overcast. That`s why the inhabitants of the Nordic countries like very much to fill their homes by light, to paint the rooms in white color and to set bright accents in the interior.

The Scandinavian style in the interior (1)

Basics of  the Scandinavian style:

– A lot of natural light in the room. To do this, set large windows;

– The white color of ceiling and walls; because the white color has several functions – visually expands the space; helps to spread the sunlight; and serves as the perfect backdrop for putting color accents. At a white background looks impressive, any furniture, even not bright elements of a decor and houseplants. The using of a combination of black and white colors together with wooden surfaces helps to make the basis for the creation the interior in  the Scandinavian style.

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–  In the decor  only natural materials use: wood – for finishing and making furniture, ceramic and stone cladding, leather, fur and natural textiles (cotton, linen).

– an open-plan of rooms: a dining room connected with a kitchen and a living room, a bedroom combined with a cabinet, and sometimes and with a library without any walls.

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–  Simple and comfortable furniture.

– In a home there are one or two bright accents – those can be  furniture or textiles, a large houseplant or wall decor as colorful painting or family photos in brilliant framework.

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– At a light background will look nice one large object (sofa or chair) and a couple of small objects of decor (curtains, bedspread on the bed, coffee table or bedside table).

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