The style of “Princess Room”

The Princess Room – this is the style of a children’s room for a girls, and the style is very popular.

Princess Room (1)

Most importantly, parents need to decide – how much is the nature of this style is combined with the nature of their daughter. Of course, the princess room is not for every girl: Energetic girls need more space and color diversity, and fewer parts; Quiet, closed inside yourself and dreamy girls is important not to have a big contrast between the children’s room and the real world.

Princess Room (2)

Princess Room (3)

It is very important to choose the decor so it to be not too colorful, bright and harsh. This requires more attention to detail – a nice border on a wallpaper, beautiful pictures, pillows with ruffles and lace, rugs with a pretty pattern, light fluttering drapes, and a lot of hand made things. A little princess may be asked to help to do accessories for her room.

Princess Room (4)

Princess Room (5)

It is not necessary to make a princess room is very luxurious and very similar to the adult’s bedroom. It is not necessary to make a princess room very luxurious and very similar to a adult’s bedroom. In the case if children’s bedroom is large, an incredible solution for Princess Room is a bed-castle.

Princess Room (6)

Key Features of Princess room style:

– Of course – it’s a lot of pink. Pink in style of “princess room” has good combination with white, light green, with splashes of pure yellow, with a touch of purple, and with a small amount of cold blue light.

–  In the room there are a lot of different ruffles, pillows, pictures, embroidery, toys on the shelves, dolls, flowers, and other beautiful and elegant things.

– In the children’s bedroom must be “adult” furniture – bedside tables or bedside tables, chests, chairs, even dressing table. Little girls do not enjoy this furniture as adults, they just simulate as adults make it. In this way girls learn “adult” world, wishing to look feminine.

.  And of course, in a princess room must be a lot of parental love.